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《The First Dance- Bandoneon X Accordion 演奏會》

《The First Dance- Bandoneon X Accordion 演奏會》

由兩位由台灣來港的音樂家-班多紐手風琴手李承宗 Chen-Chung Lee和手風琴手Vincent Tsai聯合呈獻,一個集合多種風格的風琴演奏會。爵士、探戈、香頌⋯⋯讓你在舞會的氛圍下享受一個最放鬆的晚上。 日期:2016.08.20 時間:20:00 地點:尖沙咀文化中心後台排演室GR2 票價:$150 *全日制學生、高齡人士、殘疾人士及綜合社會保障援助受惠人士可獲7折優惠: 購買正價門票4張或以上,可獲8折優惠


----> 班多鈕手風琴工作坊各班尚餘少量名額,報名可獲《The Fisrt Dance》音樂會門票乙張,請把握最後機會!


《The First Dance- Bandoneon X Accordion Concert》

Enjoy your night with the TWO amazing musicians from Taiwan! Joint-performed by the bandoneonist Chen-Chung Lee and accordionist Vincent Tsai, The First Dance concert will give you an exceptional night with relaxing and beautiful dance music. Enjoy your night in jazz, tango, chanson and more....

Date:2016.08.20 Time:20:00 Venue:Hong Kong Cultural Centre -backstage-GR2 Ticket:$150 *30% off for full-time students, disabled persons and recipients under the CSSA scheme/ 20% off for purchase of 4 tickets or above

***to reserve a ticket, please inbox us with the no.of tickets and contact info or email to***

----> Free ticket are given to the participants of the Bandoneon Workshop , don't miss your chance!…/Bandoneon-Workshop-班多鈕手…

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