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《Kanako Kato - Trio Concert》

《加藤可奈子 - 手風琴三重奏音樂會》

Kanako Kato - Accordion Trio Concert

日期 Date:26.03.2018

時間 Time:8pm

地點 Venue:香港大會堂劇院 Hong Kong City Hall - Theatre

*票價 Ticket:$350, $250

Tickets available at (starting at 05/02/2018)


由日本人氣手風琴 - 加藤可奈子與結他手岡崎泰正,鈴鼓手田島隆組成的三人組合,將於3月為大家帶來耳目一新的手風琴重奏音樂!





In the coming March, a trio of popular Japanese accordionist - Kanako Katoand, guitar player - Okazaki Yasumasa and tambourine player Tajima Takashi, will bring you stunning and refreshing accordion performance!

Kanako started learning accordion in Japan since the age of four and has won couple national competition during her early study. After graduating from high school, she went to France for four years for further studies in accordion. During her study, Kanako won the French Accordion Champion for three times.

After returning Japan, with her excellent and unique musical expression, Kanako quickly gained the support of major music fans and was praised by the academia. Up to now, Kanako launched eight albums, including several albums with Nordic musicians. Kato's album shows her mastery of the genre, and because of the diversity in her music, she has maintained a very high popularity in the country.

This will be the first time for Kanako to perform in Hong Kong. Whether you are a big fan of accordion or not, this concert is absolutely a program that you can not miss in 2018!


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